Car Stereos Receivers

A “car stereo” commonly referred to as a headunit or deck, is the main focal point of any car audio system. It is considered a key component, as it is the foundation of any good sound system. This main unit usually contains an AM/FM tuner, equalizer, CD player and pre-amp outputs for adding amplifiers to improve the sound of your system. Newer stereos sometimes contain USB ports, auxiliary inputs and detachable faceplates. However, high-end models can also be optioned out with GPS navigation, iPod control, Pandora APP Radio, HD Radio, Satellite Radio, DVD Play-back, and Built-in Bluetooth, among other features.


Car Speakers

To fully appreciate an upgraded car audio system, good quality replacement speakers should be at the top of everyone's list. Aftermarket speakers offer more accurate, fuller and richer sound then most factory speakers are able to reproduce. Usually installing a new set of speakers improves a stereo system dramatically. The most important consideration when choosing new speakers is to make sure they fit your vehicle. For further assistance, please reference our Sales Staff to help you choose the right size speaker or give us a call directly to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service Representatives.

Car Subwoofers & Boxes

Usually factory car audio systems lack full, rich and deep bass. Adding an aftermarket subwoofer can help solve this problem. It is important to consider a few things when choosing a subwoofer: The type of music being played, how much bass is needed, and the available space in the vehicle. This will help you determine the size of the sub and the type of enclosure or box it will be in, as these two factors can change the bass dramatically. Here at South County Mobile Electronics we offer a wide variety of these components in combo packages, as well as raw drivers sold individually. Once your decision has been made, it is time to choose the correct amplifier to power the new subwoofers.

Car Amplifiers

Using an amplifier to power your speakers or subwoofer will increase the sound quality significantly. An amplifier receives the audio signal from the vehicles receiver and amplifies it to a wattage that is appropriate for the speakers or subwoofer. It is crucial to choose an amplifier with a compatible RMS power rating for the speakers or subwoofer. The RMS rating is essentially the recommended continuous wattage for running the speaker.

There are an abundance of upgrades that can be added to a car audio system. A few of them are sound processors, iPod integration, Bluetooth hands free kits, Factory OEM integration, Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Multi-disc CD changers, MP3 integration, Smartphone integration and other system tuning tools. For any questions regarding these options, please feel free to contact us directly.